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Montague ~ circa 1968

Like most "alternative realities" (called dreams by some) STEAMPUNKFUNK BIZARRE began in a small corner of my mind and has grown, with the help and encouragement of my friends, into a living, breathing entity of its own.


Prior to the maturing of the “computer age” (mid 70s-late 90s), I had a number of different “booths” in antique malls/flea markets in NJ, NY and PA. They were a respite from what I have lovingly referred to as “my real-life-people-job” and offered the opportunity to make friends/be with people outside of “the workplace”. While much of the selling was done “on sight” at malls, there was a thriving business to be had at “shows” and in the “trade papers” specifically dealing with my area of merchandise.


 An new persona (lasting to present day) emerged on ebay in the late 90s in the guise of Illinoisadams Prints and Sundries. My on-line dealings reflected my “antique mall” booths and centered on (initially) Art Nouveau/Art Deco furniture and quickly expanded to  American art pottery, china, glassware, prints and oils from post Civil War to post WW II.


Beginning in 2002, a tangent appeared. I had purchased a PT Cruiser with the sole purpose of tricking it out with a “retro” 1930s-1940s look (yes, dieselpunk). I became heavily involved in showing my prize-winning vehicle at various car shows around the country. I had been on-again-off-again active in both local and professional theater since the early 1960s and the development of a character to “go with” the car only seemed natural, hence the birth of Alfonzo DeSoto/aka/FZYDICE.


The PT went through a number of evolutions as seen in the pix below.  By changing grills, tires/rims, hubcaps, skirts and trim anyone of a number of "retro" Chrysler products could be configured for a show. Conversion took 48-72 hours and voila! A "new" retro vehicle.  I, on the other hand had only one revision ~ radical bariatric surgery with an eventual weight loss of over 200 lbs.

to be continued