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While I was looking for public domain video to splice in and out of "Funky 2 Step (in the Park) I ran across a 100+ y/o Georges Méliès film, "Infernal Cakewalk" (a MOST popular dance at the time) and it somehow, with editing, seemed to fit quite nicely... Georges Méliès was called many things in his day... I don't think "funky" was one of them.

I initially released WHADITIZ over a year ago.  UK touring demanded that it be made appropriate for a wider audience... ergo, I widened it... hopefully not too far.  It was introduced at Asylum, 2012 which also featured performances by Professor Elemental and Mr. B/Gentleman Rhymer... to date neither has filed suit.  To quote the good Professor, "Splendid".

I met Dale Rowles/BB Blackdog while I was in the UK. Dale arranged some studio time with a friend. This is an "end result" of sorts.  But its not the end, really... hopefully, its JUST the beginning.


original baseline composition/Dale Rowles
jam percussion/Axel Boldt
rap/LMJ3~SteampunkFunk Bizarre
recording/mastering done at:
Station Studio, Station Road, DE4 3JJ, Cromford, UK

video concept/editing/X.U. Date

A scheduled festival was cancelled in the UK less than 48 hours before it was scheduled to start.  Dale Rowles/BB Blackdog pulled a dozen acts together and we did the weekend as a freebies for all the concert goers that stuck with worthless tickets and lodging reservations that couldn't be cancelled... it was an AMAZING weekend.  Dale renamed the concert to Phoenix Steampunk:  Workhouse Festival 2012 , at Llanfyllin Workhouse, Mid Wales

This homage video offers glimpses of "steampunk" captured on film almost 90 years ago and more than 50 years before the word was coined. Enjoy....

MY VERY FIRST FAN VIDEO!  Gotta LOVE it (the fan and the video)! Full credit for the vid goes to David M. Sitbon. Song is WHADITIZ. He has other great vids posted on his youtube channel  nobtis5

Absinthe was protested by European conservatives as early as the late 1800s. (For years its consumption exceeded wine consumption in France.) It was oft cited as the cause of any number of societies ills and as "proof" studies were done by "learned experts". Of course, there were no "control groups" and the only persons utilized in the studies were (already convicted) murderers, the insane, child molesters, wife beaters and my Great Great Uncle Maurice Finklepott. Many notable people ("Bohemians") drank absinthe (I name many of them in the lyrics) but I don't think "the learned experts" ever interviewed may have skewed the end results... except for Uncle Maurice....he was the poster child for their cause... the shame of it all.